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Hi There, I’m Chris, Designer, Engineer and Climber

Pixxel Works has been created for toy people who require help developing their idea into a viable product.

I appreciate how frustrating it can be to not possess either the technical skills or time to develop your idea into a production ready product.

I have been developing products for over 20 years and more recently for the last 5 years in the toy industry, completing over 30 toy projects.

Taking your idea, I will turn it into a 3D CAD model and optimise the design to make it cost-effective and suitable for manufacture and assembly. The 3D that’s created can be used to produce photo realistic renderings, prototypes and production tooling.

For more information you can contact us through our contact page here.

Some examples of past projects can be seen in our gallery here.

You deserve a quality product that achieves high sales and is loved by retailers, parents and children.